Hayley Joy Sizing

Why no sizes on our labels…

After the umpteenth request by a client to cut the label out of their garment, we decided to change the sizing landscape at Hayley Joy and we boldly removed all sizes and replaced them with colours and shapes. Why… so that you never have to hide your label or cut it out of your garment. To read the full story click here.

If you’re a first time buyer, please refer to our sizing guide or feel free to WhatsApp Hayley on 072 784 4587.

Hayley Joy Sizing in the Real World

As a Plus size woman myself, I’m dedicated to designing Plus size fashion, that is both respectful and fashionable. I’m honoured to introduce you to the fabulous women I dress, from Brilly who wears a Hayley Joy small, to Reana who wears both a Hayley Joy 6XL and 7XL depending on the fabric, cut and style.

I’m committed to designing REAL shapes and sizes, for REAL women in the REAL world!

❤️ Hayley 

Brilly is wearing small leggings and a small Miracle point top with Stolling detail.

(LILAC label)

Norah is wearing a full length medium Swirl dress with cold shoulder detail.

(YELLOW label)

Norah is wearing large  leggings and a large Miracle swing top with rose detail.

(ORANGE label)

Naome is wearing XL cropped pants and an XL Miracle shape top.

(LIME GREEN label)

Hayley is wearing 2XL cropped pants and a 2XL Miracle shape top.

(PINK label)

Thandi is wearing 3XL side slit pants and a 3XL Daisy detail Miracle shape top.


Wenchy is wearing a 4XL Miracle Swirl dress with cold-shoulder detail in a stretch Bon Bon.

(RED label)

Lauren is wearing 5XL leggings and a 5XL Rayon Challis top with crossover neck detail. 


Reana is wearing 6XL bootleg pants and a 6XL Miracle Pintuck top.

(BLUE label)

Reana is wearing 7XL straight leg pants and a 7XL Miracle shape top.

(PURPLE label)


Morning Hayley Joy team, WOW!! Package arrived bright and early. Thank you.

Your silk scarves are absolutely beautiful and seeing them on camera does them no justice! Durban still having cool weather – guess who’s testing her scarf???

Thank you for the superb service. Another very happy HJ client.

– Lesley S

Hayley the new website is great, I do a lot of online shopping and have enjoyed shopping on your site.

I can’t wait to see the new stuff and order for summer. Thank you for being such a blessing. So many people comment on how good I am looking. All thanks to you.

– Irene C

OMW just opened my parcel. Ain’t got words to describe how BEAUTIFUL it is and how right they all feel on me.
Thanks so much Hayley, you are an extremely talented lady and a blessing to so many. Your attention to detail and personal involvement is a blessing to so many. More than you realise. You made my day!

– Sue J

Hayley, I love how you’ve adapted your business to the changing times and I’m super happy to be able to see the clothes on you in your weekly Whatsapp videos.
Hats off to you lady!
You embody the spirit of an entrepreneur at the best level!

– Mandy V

Dearest Hayley, you make me feel so respected for who I am and not for my size.

In this weather your garments are the only ones I prefer to wear. It is truly the best PJ’S and winter gown in my PLUS SIZE life!

I have never had anything this comfortable to wear. Hayley you are the only person I have found, that has designed and made PJ’s and a soft zip up gown for my 6XL body.

Well done to you and your team.

– Reana V

Proudly South African

Hayley Joy is a proudly South African, size inclusive fashion brand, specialising in odd and plus sizes.

We design and manufacture our own exclusive collection in our factory in Dunkeld, Johannesburg.

Our commitment is to designing genuine plus sizes, not sizes that have been upsized from regular sizes!