Real Fashion For Real Women In The Real World.

Hayley Joy is a high-end fashion boutique that specialises in designing and producing plus size clothing for women of all shapes. We use a revolutionary sizing system, unique to our brand, that is equivalent to (the traditional) generous small all the way up to 7XL. We’re a walk-in as well as an online boutique in Dunkeld West, Johannesburg, that stocks everything from plus size skirts, tops, camisoles, leggings, jackets, pants and activewear.

Hayley’s Fashion Corner

Dreaming, designing and delivering.

I’ve dreamt for forever about filling my retail store Hayley Joy, and my online store with fabric prints, that have beautiful vertical ob art lines, that would draw the eye down, creating dramatic skimming illusions. As a Plus size Fashion designer, and a Plus size woman myself, those are the lines that make perfect […]

Now you can challenge me, as I climb out of my dark colour, comfort zone.

In the 10 years that I’ve been operating Hayley Joy retail, there is nothing that I’ve dreaded hearing more, than the words, “My daughter is getting married, and I need something in Champagne colours”. Those shades are never forgiving for Plus sizes, and because I work primarily in stretch fabrics, I really struggle to perform […]

I dreamed it, I designed it, and now you can wear it.

I created a Plus size collection, from a simple photo that I took of a Double Delight Rose. One the highlights of my fabric design journey has been learning how to manipulate my iPhone photos into prints that are purposefully designed with Plus size shapes in mind. Having been frustrated for so long at the […]