I dreamed it, I designed it, and now you can wear it.

I dreamed it, I designed it, and now you can wear it.

I created a Plus size collection, from a simple photo that I took of a Double Delight Rose.

A beautiful Double Delight rose in a vase at Glendas restaurant.
One the highlights of my fabric design journey has been learning how to manipulate my iPhone photos into prints that are purposefully designed with Plus size shapes in mind. Having been frustrated for so long at the lack of appropriate prints, this is like finding the pot of gold. Being able to create interesting vertical lines that are a kind of a stripe, but not really a stripe, means that I’m now not only creating flattering lines, but I’m also creating illusions. 

Double Delight masked Rose and manipulated print.

Double Delight rose and fabric print designed from it.

So to the journey of the Rose. There is a wonderful eatery that has opened up across the road from where my store is, called Glendas’s. It’s owned and run by Glenda herself, and the food and ambience are just perfect. She has a long table in a quiet corner, that is my favourite place to sit. I go to meetings there, I do social there and I do lots of designing there to. On a visit there she had a huge glass case filled with an assortment of beautiful roses, but it was the beauty of the Double Delight Rose, that really caught my eye. It wasn’t the greatest photo, because the lighting isn’t great for photos, the restaurant was very full, and the vase stands in a high traffic area. One of the things I love most about iPhone photography is that it really doesn’t matter how bad the photo is, because there is always an app that can be used to resurrect it into something beautiful.

Glendas Double Delight rose masked in an iPhone app.

Masked Double Delight rose.

Designing a dress with a matching jacket, and a mix and match twinset, that can be worn casually as well as smart/casual is something that was paramount in my mind for this coming Summer ’17 season. So many of my Plus size clients need a dress for a day wedding which is in lighter colours. The aim with this print was to create something that was dark enough to flatter, and light enough to fill the continuous brief of no black to a day wedding. I put tiny bits of black in the initial build and they provided exactly what I saw in my mind. I really took this print to fabulous creative and technical levels, and the hugest advantage is, that I now know I can. 

Summer Miracle Shape long dress with matching Mesh Miracle point jacket.

Glendas Rose print Miracle Shape long dress with matching Miracle Mesh jacket.

Glendas Rose, Hayley Joy Miracle thick strap camisole, and Miracle Mesh jacket

Glendas Rose Miracle thick strap Camisole with matching Miracle Mesh point jacket.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to put into words that feeling of being in total control of the design process. I have taken huge design steps in the last six weeks and am gaining more and more confidence, as I see my life long dream all starting to come together.
❤️ Hayley

Glendas Rose print.