Now you can challenge me, as I climb out of my dark colour, comfort zone.

Now you can challenge me, as I climb out of my dark colour, comfort zone.

In the 10 years that I’ve been operating Hayley Joy retail, there is nothing that I’ve dreaded hearing more, than the words, “My daughter is getting married, and I need something in Champagne colours”. Those shades are never forgiving for Plus sizes, and because I work primarily in stretch fabrics, I really struggle to perform an illusion Miracle with Champagne shades…until now of course.

Candles, my colour inspiration.

Being in complete control of my fabric design journey, has enabled me to start experimenting with creating my own colours and prints, so when my first challenge for those colours walked through the door, I felt no dread. The client needs an outfit in Champagnes, pink, beiges, creams etc. Usually I would have declined the order, and apologised saying that I don’t make anything in those shades, but now that I can take a photo on my iPhone, and create any design I can dream of, no request is too daunting for me.

iPhone art on my phone.

Using her as my first ‘those colours’ challenge, I designed a print for her, printed a sample and had Hayley Joy production make me the first Champagne colours samples. I am sooooo incredibly excited to be able to step up to this challlenge. The relief that I saw on the clients face, was enough to inspire me to start creating more fabrics in lighter colours.

Exclusive Champagne Pink fabric print created and printed by Hayley Joy.

Hayley Joy, Plus size, Miracle Bon Bon camisole and Stretch Mesh jacket.

Colours that were once taboo for me, now inspire me on a whole new level, and open up many new possibilities for my fabric design journey, as well as for Hayley Joy retail and Hayley Joy online. I took a photo of some candles at my favourite gift shop, Firehouse, in the centre where my store is. I created the colours, then manipulated the print on my iPhone, using many of my favourite apps. I printed this print called Champagne Pink, on Bon Bon, which is a wonderful stretch fabric, as well as on beautiful soft mesh. The result is inspiring for me, these colours and a cleverly designed print, work perfectly on all shapes and sizes, which is always my number one priority.

Plus size, Miracle Bon Bon dress and matching Stretch Mesh jacket, designed, printed and manufactured by Hayley Joy.

❤️ Hayley