The Hayley Joy, Plus size leggings are close-fitting, comfortable and most of all, practical. Wear our Plus size leggings with tops, jackets or camisoles, with the reassurance that everything sits where it’s supposed to. They are sized from XS – 7XL and are available in plain and printed stretch fabrics.

A recurring request from clients, was for leggings that don’t roll down, when you sit down. Hayley had the same need, so she used herself and her needs and designed a pair of ultra comfortable, Plus size leggings, that don’t roll down and don’t creep up your calf, when you’re moving in them.

Our greatest achievement with our Plus size leggings, is their versatility. You can wear them to exercise in, or you can dress them up for an occasion and you’ll be as comfortable for both functions. 

The Hayley Joy sizing is true Plus sizing, we haven’t upsized from regular sizing, so our sizing is exclusive to our collections and can’t be equated to any other sizing. Please refer to our size chart, to verify your HJ sizing or feel free to Whatsapp your bust, waist and hip measurements, to Hayley, on 072 784 4587 and she will work out your HJ size.

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