Straight Leg Pants

The Hayley Joy, Plus size, straight leg pants, are designed with shape, and not size in mind, resulting in an ultra-stylish and ultra-comfortable garment, that will fit and flatter any size and shape. Sized from Small – 8XL, there is a style and a shape for all sizes.

When designing the Hayley Joy pants collection, Hayley took her own body issues into account. Most important to her when designing the pants, was that the pants legs didn’t need to mirror the tummy, hips and behind size. This enables us to offer pants that genuinely shape the legs, whilst offering generous ease, due to the stretch fabrics that we use,.

In Hayley’s own words, “I want to go to work in pants at 7am in the morning and I don’t want to dream about ripping them off at 5pm, because they’re so uncomfortable. I made sure that we took everything into account, that Plus size women dream about wearing, in a good fitting pair of pants.”

The Hayley Joy sizing is true Plus sizing, we haven’t upsized from regular sizing, so our sizing is exclusive to our collections and can’t be equated to any other sizing. Please refer to our size chart, to verify your HJ sizing or feel free to Whatsapp your bust, waist and hip measurements, to Hayley, on 072 784 4587 and she will work out your HJ size.

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