Pintuck Top

The Hayley Joy, Plus size tops have been designed with a variety of body shapes in mind. When conceptualising the Pintuck top style, Hayley says, “I wanted to design a top that would give perfect waist illusion, but at the same time, fit and flatter the tummy, hips and behind. I added the Pintucks to both the front and the back, so that the shaping would be evenly dispersed. The response to this style is ever inspiring, because it makes all sizes feel special. It’s my go to top, on days when I need to feel special!”

The Pintuck tops are available in full plain colours, a half print and plain style and the most special of all, full print.

The Hayley Joy sizing is true Plus sizing, we haven’t upsized from regular sizing, so our sizing is exclusive to our collections and can’t be equated to any other sizing. Please refer to our size chart, to verify your HJ sizing or feel free to Whatsapp your bust, waist and hip measurements, to Hayley, on 072 784 4587 and she will work out your HJ size.

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