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At Hayley Joy, we’ve taken the shame out of size and empowered you through our unique and respectful, colour and shape label system.

A Hayley Joy, XL, is a lime flower.

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Naome wears a Plus size, XL, rainbow leaves, neck detail top and XL black gypsy pants.
Naome wears a Plus size, XL swirl camisole and black mesh shrug, with black bon pants.
Naome wears a Plus size, XL cold shoulder, swirl dress.

You are a shape at Hayley Joy, not a size!

We have removed all sizes from our labels and replaced them with colours and shapes…why…so that you never have to hide or cut your label out again. To read the full story click here.

If you’re a first time buyer, please refer to our Sizing Guide or feel free to WhatsApp Hayley on,

072 784 4587